• Our anti-radiation textile on the front can block off any emitted radiation from mobile phones, tablets and laptops.
  • Colour snail cotton fabric design on the back is comforting and calming to the touch and sight of your loved ones.
  • Pillow filled with beansprout husks to calm babies down yet remaining cooling under the hot weather
  • Husks are carefully treated (washing, under high temperature, drying and UV sterilization) to eliminate bacteria
  • Fits our Neonate Nest pillows perfectly
  • Dimensions - 30cm by 17cm
  • Discounted price of $9.80 for cover for limited time only


Disclaimer: While we try to showcase the product as close to reality as possible, actual product might slightly differ due to lighting and print area on fabric.

Pillow of Love™ cover - Sassy Snails

$12.80 Regular Price
$9.80Sale Price
  • DO NOT wash the pillow with beansprout husk. Dry it under hot sun bi-weekly.


    Wash cover with like-coloured clothing.