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Get more savings with our pre-order sales!

We know how it feels to be a parent where every cent counts. Save more with our pre-order sales today!

Pre-order Deal 1


Our 3-in-1 bundle where you'll get our best selling anti-radiation nursing scarf, anti-radiation husk pillow with case of your choice and anti-radiation baby cap of your choice.

Offer full protection, enjoy 22% cost savings and better still, receive a free gift from us when you purchase this deal!

Pre-order Deal 2


Our best selling multi-way anti-radiation nursing scarf. Never will you worry about radiation from cells, tablets or laptops while you're feeding you little one.

Enjoy 24% cost savings with this pre-order deal!

Pre-order Deal 3


Only with this deal can you get a customized baby beansprout husk pillow with anti-radiation case at NO ADDITIONAL COST! This service is not available at any other times other than this pre-order sale.

Don't miss the chance for to have the only customized beansprout husk pillow for your little one!

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