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Experiment 2: The Microwave

This would be pretty obvious by now.

We all know that the microwave uses electromagnetic waves to heat up and at times, cook our food so it should come as no surprise when the microwave emits radiation isn't it?

While it is true that microwave utilizes a mesh-like black screen in front of the microwave glass door to act as a Faraday cage that keeps the radiation inside the microwave, just now extensive and useful is this?

Here's a video of the standard microwave you see at home everyday, with us detecting the radiation levels. Do note that this video is showing the radiation levels when the microwave is at a pause (at 0:12 to be exact) as we are trying to microwave an egg. Logically, the reading should be lower since it is at a pause.

Now, what about when the microwave is running, just how high can the radiation levels be then?

You got that right, it's easily above 600 MHz!

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