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Experiment 1: Does the seemingly normal power plug at home emit radiation?

We all want convenience, or at least I do.

So when we started renovating for a new house, I've asked the contractor to pull as many power points at as many possible areas as I can so that I can plug and charge/use all my electrical devices, home appliances and what's not when I want to.

Little did I know that the seemingly innocent normal power plug emits radiation as well when in use (double takes on the 2 power point right beside my head rest now)!

A picture speaks a thousand words, or in this case, the video below speaks a thousand words.

The electrical power point is in the kitchen and plugged to the water filter dispenser, which is on 24/7 all the time.

I hope you are as amazed as I am when I first did this experiment.

Bonus: What about the extension power points? Do they emit radiation as well?

EMF from an power extension cord

Answer: Yes, they do as well. This is a 1-to-8 power point extension with the Safety Mark used in our office that connects our computers etc.

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