Anti-Radiation Beansprout Husk Pillow

Sew with love using our anti-radiation fabric on one side and choice of print on the other to find the balance between functionality and cuteness to keep your baby entertained . Quality Assurance - Provide comfort to your baby just like it does to ours and thousands more!

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It all started with a practice passed down over the generations for babies to have their pillows filled with beansprout husks to calm them down yet remaining cooling under the hot weather. The pillow acts like your gentle hand patting the baby, smoothing them to sweet dreams.

You have the options to mix-and-match your favorite colors and print with our numerous options below.

Our promise to you - Only products fit for our own baby use are sold. We treat your delicate princes and princesses just like our own.

Size: L30 x H17cm

Here at Neonate Nest, we take caution in hand-picking the beansprout husks:

- Proper washing

- Treatment under high temperature to kill any bacteria

- Thoroughly drying them under the sun

- Disinfection and sterilization using UV Light


are all necessary followed procedures before allowing filling into our Pillow of Love™.

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