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How we started


Neonate Nest was founded by first time parents, Leonard and Nyx who wanted only the best for their newborn, Mikayla.


The usage of technological devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops have became indispensable in our daily life yet the founders want Mikayla to start off on the right foot from the start. It's amazing how Singapore has one of the highest number of average hours spent on digital gadgets in the world (over 12 hours daily) yet how little is being done to protect from radiation, especially in cases of infants and toddlers given the higher absorption rate due to more absorbent brain tissues and thinner skulls. With the lack of options in the market, we aim to share viable protective solutions to fellow parents without the need to compromise lifestyle through our beneficial products that has minimal cost increase from products available in the market without this anti-radiation feature.


Our assurance is this: What you're buying today is what we deem fit to give Mikayla.